first post

..first entry, wow. I had all these ideas about what i’d put in this blog and now that i’ve finally got around to it i am stumped.

..maybe because my brain has only recently moved from my uterus up through my breasts and lodged itself back in its rightful position – and having to rewire itself to the inside of my skull. It may take time to get into full gear.

meanwhile, here is a pic of the reason why my brain moved in the first place..

One thought on “first post

  1. Oh, so beautiful!

    And it’s good to recognize that your consciousness can dwell in many parts of the body; it’s just that we live in a culture that demands that we stay in our heads (although many seem not to succeed at this!)

    Why shouldn’t you think with the part of you which is creating and supporting life? Wars are not started by people thinking with their wombs or breasts!

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