inspiration strikes

actually, it wasn’t so much a strike as a sneaky little ambush…

..sitting here at my desk i actually have to wear sunglasses because the room is so bright – one wall is glass, another has double glass doors and yet another has a high strip of window out of which i can see sky and the tops of trees. And it is an unusually bright day today. I’d been thinking that this must be wierd weather but then remembered that on September 2nd last year I went to a wedding wearing a pencil skirt and lacey scrap that passed for a top. Must have been good weather that day as I am a comfort loving creature and would never put form before, er, comfort (bugger function too).

so my inspiration – the thought arose that i intended to do a little series of ‘origins’ as in the original meaning of things, words etc. For starters the word ‘inspiration’ itself (the very word that made me remember what it is i am doing here) – is quite obviously related to the word ‘respiration’, which is strange when we consider that when we think of inspiration there is a sense of ‘spark’ or ‘fire’ and the like. The link to ‘respiration’ and its deeper origin of ‘spirit’ points toward another idea – perhaps inspiration is something we can breathe in.

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