more mercury…

Some Alchemists I know always say that wherever you look you can find Mercury, and sometimes you don’t even have to do that…

Today was one of those days – Mercury came to me. First in the form of a chance encounter with a woman I am interested in getting to know – an illustrator – and subsequent conversation about children (mercury is the ‘divine child’ of the archetypal world).

(It was an interesting discussion because it mirrored some recent thoughts about certain things, in particular about how we ‘wear’ the blame and shame of others in the form of criticism. Kids try it all out on each other quite brutally it seems.)

Then another woman approached me and struck up a conversation about how thoughts create reality…I’d never met her before – how did she know?

Only moments before I had been journaling on precisely that subject and had written down how much I’d enjoy being part of a community of like-minded persons.

Later on she told me she ‘sees things’ and ‘hears voices’… spooky.

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