three wishes


This Week’s Theme: three wishes

Dear God,

I know you’re really busy solving all the world’s problems, and you sure have your work cut out for you, but would you spare a minute to listen to me? It would be really nice if I could ask a favour. Yes I know I am supposed to be all grateful and say thanks and please bless Mum and Dad and all that before I ask you for anything but that’s what I say every time and you ought to know all that by now.

So here’s the thing – I really really REALLY want something special for my birthday this year. Something that all the other kids will stop and stare at and will want to come around and play with. I mean I am not very popular at school on account of always reading books and doing homework, and I think I’ve actually forgotten how to play, so its about time I had some kinda pulling power. That OK?

And, if its not too much trouble, could I have a party too? But make sure Mum doesn’t make a carrot cake again like last time – that really was the LAST time any kid wanted to come to my place. Hopefully they’ve all got amnesia on that front.

Last but not least it would be super if for a while I didn’t have to wear second hand clothes. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, don’t get me wrong, and its environmentally friendly and all that – but it could help me with the abovementioned social problem if I could be just a bit cool. For a change. Please?

Thanks and god bless. I mean bless you. Oh, you get the gist.

10 thoughts on “three wishes

  1. Danae,
    I love this character! She really hits home for me:) The line “the abovementioned social problem” is brilliant. It offers a hint of humor but it also tells a lot about the character.

  2. thanks everyone… as with most of my characters they’re a little bit of me – my mum did actually make a carrot cake for one of my birthday parties! I was a very bookish, uncool kid who prayed a lot too 🙂

    I can’t wait for next week’s theme now…

  3. Funny, I’ve just written my Sunday scribblings about how bookish and uncool I was and now I read your comment. I enjoyed your piece, thanks.

  4. Yours is the first I’ve seen that’s written like a letter, and I like the approach. As a kid, though, I hated the IDEA of carrot cake but actually liked the cake itself.

    I love the last paragraph.

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