thots (that’s without the ‘ugh’)

Reading through the offerings of the blogging crowd is an eye-opening and life-affirming experience. There are some outstanding pieces of work, some funny bits and a lot of from-the-gut honesty – particularly about the writer’s lot.
Common to many of us is the tendency to make excuses for why we are ‘not a writer’. I’m an expert at this myself so I really feel it when its presented to me. Lately I’ve been trying to reprogram myself using the same technique I used when I was quitting smoking – kind of a de-brainwashing technique that requires me to question those self-defeating beliefs.

One thing I’ve noticed is that its impossible to feel bad about my writing when thinking positive thoughts about it – so the aim is to introduce as many new ways of thinking as I can, while questioning the one’s that have thus far let me down.


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