I saw your name
just your name
and felt a bloom
of heat
right here
so I know
what my mind
has put aside
my body
and all week
while waiting
i’ve woven
loose threads
into a web
in which i
to be
but secretly
in thrall
to the sting
and wonder
of who you are now
and an instinct
to unravel
our lives
and spin us
and time
into one
then i hear
your voice
at last
telling me how
you died and
were retrieved
three times
how your
changed you
and god
i can’t
bear this
but I watch
our souls
behind us
to that place
we just know
our destinies
won’t fit
until we do
so with fate
urging you
to admit
i was
a mystery
so strange
you couldn’t
lean my way
except for
that one
time when
was lost
to us
i want to
climb into
that small space
made for me
sit watching
your mouth
and weave
new memories
holding them
to me like
a child
we never had
to take
into my heart

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