five things I love

1. etymology; the wondrous thing about this is that words of common use often (mostly) have completely obscured origins – uncovering the roots of these opens up entire universes for me – words then have sparkly new meanings and possibilities.

2. Watching people; imagining how they are ‘outer expressions of an inner state’ of my own; asking – What part of me is this?
Yes, its self-indulgent, and I still love it.

3. running into people in the course of a day, whom I’d ‘thought of’ briefly only a short while prior to the ‘chance meeting’ – synchronicity! A game, I suppose, is to deliberately ‘think’ of long-gone aquaintences and watch how they show up ‘unexpectedly’.

4. brass bands; what more can I say?

5. Shoes that are not black or white; maybe this is a 90’s thing – from hanging with ‘the beautiful people’ (who must wear the right shade of black) – now when I see coloured shoes I’m delighted. Black is so boring. White shoes are just tacky.

4 thoughts on “five things I love

  1. Oh no – I’m not on the Christmas card list this year – (laughing almost hysterically!)

    I have never been a shoe person – dont get the shoe thing, other than to make sure that they are comfortable and wont give me blisters … so guess what colour all my shoes are … black (or the odd brown one!)

    I ALMOST bought a pair of red ones in Sydney but was terrified at the idea of wearing heels.

    I should play that synchronicity game again – do you think if I think about Chris Taylor from the Chaser enough I’ll bump into him down the street!!??????

    I dreamt about him AGAIN the other night but grokked the meaning of the dream (which was not just a nocturnal perve!) that I allow the mundane details of life to distract me from important things and therefore lose important things are a consequence – interesting dream.

    So if/when I come to visit this year – can we go see a brass band? The highschool I used to work at had a ‘stage band’ with a rocking brass section …

    Oh gosh – can you tell that I am procrastinating from doing anything!! Blogging, creating adds for people, writing my article, finishing of the magazine, doing my new years cards .. ARGH!!

    I am not time poor though – I am abundant in all areas (or so I am deluding myself to believe!)

  2. ps. I tried that with Keanu Reeves, but just kept on dreaming about him and seeing him on tv etc. But my ex husband walked straight up to him on the street (in Sydney) and said ‘hey’… bummer!

  3. Dastardly plan sounds – well dastardly delicious … wow!! Should I put cleaning out the spare room on my list of things to do relatively soon??

    So I’m now wondering – do I dream Chris Taylor takes Dave out on a date and then I might be the one to run into him somewhere?? Or is that just TOO weird.

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