bibliomancy for pluto’s ingress to capricorn

“…given this unconscious paranoia, there will be a need for a projected fantasised enemy and fantastical defences against the fantasised enemy. Situations will always be valued by constructs of strength and weakness, winning and losing. Demand for unconditional surrender and the fear of it will be paramount, Treaties based on compromise will be all but impossible to negotiate. ..” (Hillman, ‘paranoia’ p49)

For the first time one of my ‘bibiomancies’ actually comes across as prophecy. Its a bit dire, but then again we are talking about Pluto here. Planet or not, the Lord of the Underworld isn’t exactly subtle.

And speaking of that – the downgrading of Pluto from planet to dwarf or whatever – doesn’t it seem like a sign of the times? Come to think of it, not only does this world seem to want to diminish the devil, hell, evil and darkness aka shadow, it appears to do so in line with the public declaration of the Sun as being dangerous, risky, something we must protect ourselves against. A backlash against God/dess and downplaying the power of His/Her counterpart… interesting.

So, paranoia – well, this isn’t exactly news, afterall we are in the midst of a ‘war on terror’ which pivots upon the assumption that there is a threat. We have ‘baddies’ so we can feel ‘good’… there’s someone out there threatening our ‘freedom’ and we must seek it out at all costs, invade a few countries if we must, and damn the consequences. We will reign down terror until all the Terrorists die. Insane.

Well, that’s a macrocosmic viewpoint – what about the microcosmic events of our everyday lives? How many times do we demonise the ‘other’ in our midst?

“You must be wrong so that I can be right” is a common standpoint, as if there isn’t room enough for rightness or wrongness on both sides. As if only one way is the way that’s acceptable. Monotheistic. Dualistic (is that the correct term?).

And, as there is no outer event that is not also inner – on macro and microcosmic levels – we are only harming ourselves – our ‘earth’ or matter – the stuff we are made of – has got to suffer.

If Pluto into Capricorn means that we can finally own the terror, fear, paranoia and fantasies of ‘other’, then maybe the planet (this one, the one we live on) has a chance.

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