mars direct , mercury awol..

…I’ve been trying to get a clear bibliomancy reading for this astro-current – but it seems our friend The Trickster has scattered my focus somewhat, as well as messing with the electric circuits in my house, the air conditioning, the car, my online banking and, well – this is just the beginning.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius feels very Promethean – so perhaps we shall see how much of the fire of the Gods can be snatched away in this transit.

I for one quite enjoy it, as long as I don’t have anywhere important to go, there’s no heatwave or blizzard, and I pace myself.

Its a good time, for one thing, to examine the metaphors that present themselves.

Power issues, for example – I’ve a long history of troublesome on-again-off-again appliances, impossibly high utilities bills, household circuits that blow up in dramatic showers of glass and smoke and, just recently – power ‘transformers’ melting down, shutting off electricity to the whole street (not just once!).

It doesn’t take too much genius to figure out that I have some kind of imbalance occurring, and which areas of life I can work on in order to improve things – application of power – how much is being paid for it – connectedness, transformation – these are all fundamental. I’m being shown, through these events, something of myself – my own overloads, explosive anger, meltdowns – drama.

As for Mars’ station in late Gemini in preparation for returning to direct motion on Thursday – well, that feels like a cat of a different colour.

The men in my life are suddenly and inexplicably irritating. And I say ‘men’ plural because the retrograde period itself manifested – shall we say concentrated interest – from two of them. They both know they have competition. One tried to win me over by being understanding about the other guy (giving me advice, being supportive) while referring to him constantly as ‘The Rigger’.

Said Rigger referred to the first guy in turn as ‘The Greek’, and was not in the least bit ‘understanding’ – using plenty of rigger-style expletives in letting me know what he was thinking (and riggers really know how to swear). It was kind of cute, really.

Well, sort of – although its been a long time since I had that kind of attention from two men at once, and its flattering in a crazy way – both of these men are ex-lovers and neither one of them ever had any long term intentions with me. That remains unchanged, tantalising promises and imagined futures notwithstanding.

What was I thinking??

Well, as I keep saying – there is no outer event that is not also inner. It always comes back to that. There’s a case of indecision – of internal double-talk – at least something going on at the soul level, working itself out moment by moment – it’ll be amazing to watch what becomes of it all next.

Meanwhile, I count my blessings that the airconditioner not working means a smaller power bill, that with car troubles we’ll walk a bit more and drive less and that less focus for a while may let me dream a little more.

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