bibliomancy for venus-jupiter

“…there are tales within tales that do not further the plot, showing that psychic history goes on in many places at once – meanwhile, back at the farm, in another part of the forest – and in many figures at once… other personages of the story are as interesting as the main character, just as the other figures within our our dreams and fantasies often bear more upon our fates than does our ego..” (Hillman)

those in literature see the psychology in fiction.. its our turn to see the fiction in pyschology…” (HILLMAN)

Jupiter and Venus together are supposed to bring about love-bliss; tomorrow’s conjunction is apparently great for lovers, would-be lovers and all things beautiful, in big ways.

Here in South Australia the weather is set to be hot during the day, promising one of those lovely balmy summer’s evenings that are perfect for walking hand in hand on the beach, for dining al fresco and general blissful canoodling.

Hm. How lovely for those with someone whose hands will be held and those canoodling lovers. I for one say yes to those, absolutely, but for this transit, I need another paradigm for expressing the energies of such magnificent love.

So, there are lovers strolling the beach, eyes locked in restaurants and cuddling up in cinemas; there are couples everywhere – but meanwhile, here in a house in the suburbs, is a woman who is learning for the first time what it is to love, and there isn’t a man in the frame.

What does it mean? How will it happen? Is this story told from her own point of view or is there an omniscient narrator?

How many ways can the fiction of love be told?

I guess we shall have to wait and see.

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