bibliomancy, mischief and the anatomy of a dream

“Hermes…is not the source of light, as the sun is, but rather the source of this source. He also begot the moon-like and dark Pan. His world originates before sunrise, and as the source of his world he can only be the one who himself allows a source of illumination to originate in the outpouring of souls…

…in the prehistoric depths of the life-source, light and its mirror are begotten simultaneously; there as great Greek philosophers also knew, the source of light and the source of soul are one and the same…” (Kerenyi, Hermes p144)

There’s a lot to be learned from venturing forth into the blogger-sphere. One Can Not, for example, post comments about misfortunes to one’s cat on the blog of a cat lover – even with the most light-hearted intentions.


No seriously, I’m trying to lighten up, and step out from under my rock at last. And the story about my two cats called Arkie is funny, and has a happy ending. Well, apart from the bit where I accidentally killed the first cat, and reversed over the second one also completely by accident.

So, OK I’m not good with pets – this is something I’m working through.

Meanwhile I’m getting the picture that my style isn’t going to have a ‘typical’ audience, and that being a virtual stranger just won’t do.

And having said that, I see how things here could be less cryptic – and so (da da daah – *cough*) I set about explaining myself.

As far as bibliomancy goes I tend not to ‘interpret’ but rather to ‘analogise’.

It is a form of divination and there’s the temptation to rant on about possible manifestations of, say, the current transit of Mercury through Aquarius and occurrences like sudden (a trait of all things Aquarian) illuminations (Mercury ruling the mind) that come from venturing forth into community (also an Aquarian thing).

Or the odd little synchronicity involving technology (double ditto). The urge to express the soul’s eccentricities; perhaps play a few tricks, Hermes-like.

But no, I prefer the moonlight and mystery and the possibility a passage points to. The act of defining is too orderly and interpretation is, to my mind, heroic – solar. I’m blinded by the light.

So I mostly ignore the quote I’m lead (oops I mean led) to and write my lived experience, knowing that there’s a correlation and that all will be revealed – like undoing an origami crane. (There! that’s how it started – that’s how it became!).

If you interpret a dream, which is not far removed from divination, its intelligence is in danger of disolving – of being melted down and remade by daylight meaning and definition. That horse, no longer a horse but a sex-act; the snake a phallus – every character a stand-in for something else.

Too literal! A dream’s lunar, night-world images – frightening, arousing and confusing – are the life lived by the deep unconscious mind.

A deeper, darker approach to a dream or a mystery is called for.

So lamp in hand we can ask – what does this image, this scene, this passage show me? What does it want?

Let it come to you.

Watch, wait – allow – and exactly what you need to know will turn up.

Try it. Take a dream or the above ‘bibliomancy’ and instead of penetrating it, let understanding surface. Leave ‘symbols’ out of it and get in touch with the nature of each image. A horse is still a horse – and its horse-ness. ‘The source of light’ is what it is – and its light-ness, its origin and its destination.

Yes, in the spirit of ‘lightening up’ – I’m willing to see things differently – if you have a dream you are yet to understand, perhaps this is exactly the bit of mischief you’ve needed to show up – maybe I can shine something on it after all – let me know, I’m all yours.

9 thoughts on “bibliomancy, mischief and the anatomy of a dream

  1. U amaze me Danae,

    U really do.

    I smith my words in poetic form, and all the input is personal drawn, while light is shone in darker places, by smiling witty and beautious faces, whose journey to insight is lighter borne, when searching others to her place are drawn.

    Love your work


    Load of bull with sting in tail

  2. hey danae 🙂 it’s the unpredictable pisces here…i am wondering if that dream description on mystic’s blog wasn’t too meandering…! Anyway. If it interests you, I’ve remembered more – the original dream-murder and discussion between mother/sis/me took place in my old house (from early childhood until only a few yrs ago). early childhood things to resolve perhaps… anyway over to you my friend!

  3. oooh, thanks Unpredictable Pisces – have been working on the dream and will have a post sometime this evening – stay tuned… 🙂

  4. hey it’s Rockstar Libran Publicist, (as Mystic Medusa ID’d me) – AKA Betty LOVE!!

    dream analysis fascinates!! own world’s morphing ala karmic-like rebirth midway thru physical life or something. ANYWAYS….change on all fronts re moi, biz, all forms of partnership, company / fiscal systems, new moral structure, health the final sector. Or so I thought. I’d ignored own creativity – until Friday nightmare, re-jigged a real life scream-a-thon c/ Aries-ex, who in real time was supposedly advising me re property purchase. this triggered health jag. dream followed 48 hours later & subconsciously felt as tho psyche screamed – get this crud (mild) out of your life!!! In dream he was screaming how hopeless I am, never do anything (referencing himself??) & that I’d never write the book that until the dream, I wasn’t aware I needed to write. is childhood dream and all. substitute ‘book’ for ‘blog’ maybe. divining clarity there. signals the end of the bad boy lust. Whoo-hoo!!

    heeding as such, the body irks ebbed, & in most unusual circumstances met spiritual bubble. enlightened conversations re astral travel & own ignored ‘other’ abilities all linked back to the dream. something deep was clearing the depths of consciousness for far greater things. how exciting!!

    all the while super-itchy palms of hands, soles of feet – yet to link (or quel), any ides welcomed!!


  5. Hey Betty LOVE!

    welcome to my place 🙂

    well, great that you have itchy feet and hands – kinda obvious really – get a MOVE ON kiddo.

    Yep, Jungians might say your animus (masculine, outgoing creative drive)is mad at you for projecting him outwards (aries ex is the projected animus, rather than the reverse). You are the only one in there thinking and dreaming right?

    so, you struck the nail right on the head when you said ‘ignored my creative side’… health issues, sinus?

    Nothing wrong with a bit of bad boy lust 😉

    d x

  6. It’s nice seeing a few Mystic faces commenting here Danae.It’s also interesting getting someone else’s insights and perspective regarding dreams dreamt.

    Just your comment about the horseness of the horse being true to the nature of the image resonated with my own recollection of a dream I had the other day.

    It seemed pretty literal, sort of a reassurance from my subconcious of some future hopes…I truly woke up with the feeling of hey, that’s cool, and doable.Also had a little twinge of I need to remember this in case this happens.

  7. thanks Catherine, its always reassuring to know that what I’ve written is of some value…

    I really do appreciate the feedback 🙂

  8. OK, Unpredictable Pisces if you’re checking in here – I’ve removed the post with your dream on it becuase I realised that perhaps its not really appropriate for me to analyse the contents of your psyche in such depth in this public way. Let me know if you want me to email it to you.

    thanks, dan

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