bibliomancy, spam and mars opposite pluto

“Owls, bats, and crickets are designed by nature to be awake in the dark of night.”

(spam, seriously)

I’ve been meaning to write about the story of money – how our deeply ingrained ideas regarding finances, financial success and abundance inform and create our current state of affairs.

There was a lot to say about it yesterday as Mars moved into the sign of Cancer – ruler of all things domestic, including the household budget and our ability to feed and nurture ourselves.

The masculine principle of mars – coagulating, creating and outwardly manifesting soul’s desires – moving into the realm of the triple-face of femininity speaks to me about Making Things Happen. And woman’s intuition speaks back about allowing Things to Come Together.

Yeah, I decided not to write some awful essay about The Story of Money after all. I took a look around me and saw that its one of those lessons in life we either get or we don’t. For the most part I don’t.

And I like that I don’t get it.

Part of Pluto-nature (and lets not forget the appelation means ‘Riches’) is to dwell in darkness. There’s comfort in that – when deprived of one sense we’re more accutely attuned to others. We can align with the deeper rythym that underpins all life – the ebb and flow of energy and matter; the pulse of our cosmos, inner and outer.

So rather than falling into a fearful state when it comes to scarcity – panic – scrambling around blindly attempting to do something about this forgawdsake – stay cool, accept the lack of light and information. Resist the urge to ‘ascend’ or heroically overcome anything.

Oh, I know I bang on about ‘heroics’ a lot – to my mind there’s something about the solar nature of our world that has gone all out of balance with the way things actually are. Only half the world experiences daytime at once, after all.

Our predominant global myth is in denial of an essential side.

Well, when I say ‘denial’ I only mean that our current dichotomy assumes that the failure lies in terrible darkness and that the Light is the Only Way.

We demonise, we fear – we go marching two by two but one of us has to be weaker. Our victims make some of us Victors. Our Gods and Goods depend upon Devils and death.

So we have this urge built in – to get what we can get before it all runs out. To win. Be right, be on the side of the good guys. To judge those who don’t also follow these urges as belonging to The Other Side.

Mars out of whack wants to ‘go out there and fight for it, take over, colonise and win’ – Pluto at best goes ‘Whoa. Be calm – its OK, yes there’s death but there’s also enough of everything to go around. ‘

Yeah, Pluto regenerates, Mars creates. If we stop ‘doing’ for long enough – step into the shade for a moment – and sit without value judgements, we may begin to actively receive in harmony with our own true Selves.

Maybe I’m just an idealist, I want to believe that we’ll all see that life is and/and and not and/or.

In other words, its not one or the other – its both.

4 thoughts on “bibliomancy, spam and mars opposite pluto

  1. The urge to get what we can get…

    I’ve discovered by not concentrating on it, that when money fear eases for me, I fall into an unconcious withdrawal from acquiring so much stuff. It’s somehow become, that because I do have the money to do with, I’m not pursuing cafe food as much.This has just fallen into a once a week visit for food and the occasional coffee.I was previously really investing in the local cafe economy generously.

    In a material sense for this moment( last month or so included in the moment) where I have enough things. I can look at beautiful furniture, or china or food and appreciate that it exists…but not feel any need to possess it on any level.

  2. Hi Catherine ๐Ÿ™‚

    I get what you mean about having the money and yet not having the hunger… it took me a long time to get over a similar thing – I’d go into a state of panic if there were no food in the house and had this awful urge to eat and eat. The more food in the fridge, the less I ate. Such a huge fear of poverty I had…it had to get really bad before it got better. Now I look at an empty refridgerator and think ‘great, now I can clean it’.

    Its nice to appreciate beautiful and good things and be firm that everything you need is available, isn’t it?

  3. I look at my fridge at the moment and its screams ‘clutter’ .. there is so much crap in there that there’s no room for anything. Oh and I can’t light the stove at the moment – but everyone can.

    I’ve been working hard with the nature of dichtomoy and how the energy in it really feeds some nasty patterns in life.

    I’ve stopped trying to meet the expectations and demands of others – looking inside first to see what needs nourishing and nuturing … and taking care of that first.

    I realised a while back that if I’m not ‘bad sister/bad daughter’ then my sister can’t be ‘good sister/good daughter’ – if I take my energy out of the system of being, then the dichotomy can’t exist anymore. I also dont want to feed the victim vortex of my sister … I want t feed my creative vortex instead .. it seems like such a better use of energy.

    Money is one of those thing that I try not to think of as ‘evil’ … that there is plenty of beauty and luxury in simplicity. I always feel that money sullies things – and I’ve definitely seen it sully people and mix up their priorities.

    Thanks for the insights about the boil – I can be so think sometimes. It’s interesting that it errupted (and that’s the best word for it) the morning that my mother in law was leaving. With all the green clay compresses I’ve been putting on – it hasn’t actually burst through and drained … like life at the present, its just been slowly cleared without busting through the surface – working from the inside (which apparently they are not meant to do!)

    Life’s been a simmer more than a boil – though I did finally go right – need to get back on the boil with my writing – which I did Thursday …thanks again for your insights.

    And yes – I’m glad to be back. I’ve missed being here – but it really was a necessary step back into myself for a bit!

  4. I’m glad you’re back too Jodi.. glad too that you’re able to see that you can change the dynamic between you and others by not playing out the archetype. It takes practice!

    … victim is the flip side of ‘hero’ (victor) our society requires in order to have its ‘overcoming’ myth.

    I’m amazed that you’ve managed to calm your boil – well done, that must have taken patience. I wonder if the lancing and draining routine is just the easiest route of getting the poison out.. green clay eh? I’ll have to remember that.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ d

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