bibliomancy for the equinox, the libra full moon and a celebration of death and rebirth

The journey from cloud coo-koo land to reality lasted a long time. In my case the pilgrim’s progress consisted in my having to climb down a thousand ladders until I could reach out my hand to the little clod of earth that I am.

-C. G. Jung

Here we are at another seasonal equinox, another turn of the wheel. The sun has passed the beginning point of the zodiac – zero Aries – and we’re calling it a new solar year.

Mysteriously enough the heatwave finally passed away without any kind of weather dramatics – no storm, no rain, not even a strong wind. The temperature just cooled in the course of a day, lifting the heavy, dry breathlessness and glare, and by night we were all comfortable and at rest.

Such a relief.

Life in such extreme heat as we’ve had, the drought and the restrictions imposed might be far removed from reality for those of you reading this from cooler or greener parts of Earth. This is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, remember, and there’s plenty of new life to celebrate everywhere.

But looking around here it seems we have the opposite. Street after street of brown lawn and curling shrivelled foliage where gardeners have planted anything but natives.

Yep. Envy has found a new colour in this city of roses where the neighbours are watching every drop. Now and then a front yard in full bloom is justified with a hand painted sign; bore water in use.

It does amaze me that the planet is more than 70% water and we still don’t seem to have enough of it. We’re told there isn’t enough, and we believe it. OK, so most of the water available to us in its current state is not potable, but the technology is.

Why is it that with all the wonderful things we can do a simple thing like managing the resources of this planet is beyond us?

It says something, doesn’t it? Our bodies have the same problem. Too much water over here, a drought over there. Pollution gets the better of us at times – we have a land-fill crisis, holes in our O-zone and some other zones; de-forestation is taking its toll.

Do we know how to live in our bodies – how to nourish and care for them?

This is one of the first things our mothers teach us isn’t it?

Perhaps not.

But I’m not going to come on all political and preach about the state of the environment, about how much we ask of Mother Earth, about how we’re raising our offspring to be in this world, or go on about the mythology behind all of it (and I could, easily).

No – the microcosm and the macrocosm are the same, as the alchemists say. If we take care of the small things the large will follow. That’s all I have to say about that.

And never mind the ideology behind this holiday – the cult of the hero, what I call our ‘crucify and ressurect mentality’ which says we must overcome; we have to have something to overcome, so we can be heroic. If we don’t have anything to overcome, well, we soon will.

Our primary image of this, a man bleeding and nailed to a cross – doesn’t do much to promote the love of our bodies. Flesh is temporary, right? Spirit first. Matter doesn’t matter.

But I digress.

What I want to say, if anyone is following, is that all of these things make me feel like a child – or rather it reminds me that we really are children in this cosmos.

We are young. As a race, and in the bigger scheme of things; we’re still learning so we can be forgiven for so much fear, so many mistakes – for our confusion.

We can start over and we can recognise the beauty in every moment if we so choose – any time – however things are.

Now that’s really something to celebrate.

One thought on “bibliomancy for the equinox, the libra full moon and a celebration of death and rebirth

  1. Immediate thought – birth, destruction, resurrection and the environment … do we honestly think that we can trash it to the hilt and miraculously it will heal.

    I’ve been writing an elementals take on menstruation this weekend (as one does on the weekend non?) … and was on the same theme sort of – the microcosm and the macrocosm. That if we could treat ourselves with respect and as women honour our cycles and our own inner/biological processes of creation (I guess its birth, destrution, death and resurrection in every cycle is there not in a woman’s month) then it would change the energy that surrounds us, and that changes the energy of the earth.

    One book that I read said that reconsercrating our wombs is one way we can go about healing the earth – our mother womb.

    But what I was getting at, before I got lost, is that we’ve bought so heavily into this resurrection myth, that we think that’s why will happen to our planet – someone will miraculously find a cure and voila, planet fixed. But its not going to happen that way.

    If we cant’ treat our own bodies with respect, then there’s little hope for our planet. Rather than heaping ‘cures’ onto ourselves, we cook look inwards for the ‘dis’ease … but its easier to take a magic pill.

    Ahhh … yes my premenstrual anger is ripe and ready to rip … its going to be an interesting week …

    Happy Easter Dan … its called the Passion of Osiris on my calendar which sounds so much more lush …

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