five ways to live soulfully

‘because i can’ all rights reserved d sinclair ’08

Why are we always striving for improvement – to fix things about ourselves and our lives? Imagine what it would be like to fully accept the way things are with your self and your life, whatever your current state of affairs.

Here are five simple practices that are about soulful living – that is, being at peace with the present and with yourself.

1. Give yourself more fully to the little things that you do everyday – the dishes, making the bed, cooking meals; your daily tasks – even if you can’t stand doing them anymore. Especially if you’re tired of doing them. Do these things without thinking, without struggle and with care – paying attention to the doing and not the story of needing to do them. Practice it, one thing at a time.

This is your life and everything in it is important because each part is part of you.

2. Forgive yourself for something. Pay attention to that which you find hard to accept about yourself – if you want thin thighs, but you continue to have the thighs you have – forgive yourself for that; if you believe you should be kinder but find yourself sniping anyway, give yourself a break. Do this as often as you can.

Its OK to be who you are, exactly as you are.

3. Notice what’s in your life. Look around where you are right now – take it all in. You created this scene, these people, things, experiences. Breathe it in and be grateful. See that your choices have brought you here and let go of ideas of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about those choices. Things are as they are, no more and no less – as they should be.

However things are, you can change all of it if you want to, one choice at a time. But you don’t have to.

4. Listen to yourself. Really listen to the way you speak – to others, about yourself, about others, about everything. Listen to your thoughts too. Your words are telling. What are you saying? All the answers you could ever need are coming out of your own mouth.

Your words are your witness. Love them or be silent.

5. Give yourself what you want from others. Whatever it is you think anyone else can give you, and won’t, give to yourself. Allow yourself to have all the pleasure and kindness you desire.

You want what you want, so have it. Go all the way with it and watch what happens.

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