bibliomancy for mars in leo

‘I hope he does’ d sinclair all rights reserved ’08

“…we need ethical behaviour, or social life becomes untenable. It does matter what we do, how we treat others; it is important to challenge corruption, to make a stand. It is not good enough to put it all down to fate and turn away. But at the same time, we have to understand the deep ground of oneness out of which we and others arise….” (Diana Durham, The Return of King Arthur, p 178)

3 thoughts on “bibliomancy for mars in leo

  1. Diana’s words resonate deeply with me.
    I have been slowly coming to realise that not everyone has the best interests of the tribe (‘ie. Humanity’) at heart.

    Many are parasitic low-lifes who though they seem humans dont behave like humans (…insert your favourite subhuman theory here, gas ovens and crematoria here we go!…).

    It shattered my perception of humanity a little.

    It also explains I think why the few who are powerful and smart and endevour to hold the reigns of human destiny in their hands have such contempt for man.
    Simply because many are not, a beast that walks upon two legs.
    Its probably easier for them to cast all the pleabians onto the discard pile rather than sort the rare gem from the gravel pile.

  2. oh yeah Wulfy, its shattering to realise that (microcosm and macrocosm being equal) some members of humanity are more like, well, cancer.

    luckily there’s hope – there are good ones too… and like Mother Theresa said (more or less) its better to work toward love than fight against hate.

    not always easy – I spent all day working toward a loving state of mind after an encounter with one of those cancer cells this morning…

  3. oh, I must have done something right, because when that same cancer came back this evening, you were there to make me laugh it off again! You are radiation therapy 🙂

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