trickster’s past

from my paper journal:

January 15. Moon in Aries, Mercury sextile Venus (natal)

the car won’t start
my phone tells me I have a connection failure – to check my settings.

life is never strange anymore.

Craig tells me I’m a brat – same as Edi and Alice (does that mean he ‘loves me the best’ too?)

I know I’m a brat – I love being a brat! I’ll always be a BRAT!

why would I want to be anything other than what I am – exactly as I am?

I’ve been to the plastic surgeon to see about my plastic parts. He tells me I’m not as bad as I think. HA! I’m exactly as bad as I think.

I’m only ever what I think at one time or another.


But I won’t have to wait long now.

(and I may have turned into one of those people who sits in cafes staring at everyone strangely)

so, nothing.

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