a new moon and a conjunction of the sun, venus and mercury in gemini

‘but something inside me says it’s gonna be fine’
d sinclair ’08(no bibliomancy today, the current cosmic conditions will reveal all, without any help from me)

I was going to write about how the week’s activities have shown me how strong I am, about how I’ve overcome many of my doubts, as a writer, as a woman and mother and as a person. I actually did write a long essay on how great it is to be finally writing my book, about being busy getting my home ready to be sold and getting the car fixed and finally cutting ties with the father of my child. I wrote that through it all I’ve been fine, I’ve been stoic and resolute and positive. That I’ve maintained my composure and calm and kept the faith. It was all lies, so I deleted it.

The truth is that I’m not at all positive about the house being sold – the children and I believed this was our permanent home, that we’d make it our own. Today when the ‘stylist’ came to the house and told me that it needed ‘such a lift’ I felt as saggy and disappointed as I ever have. Apparently I have to change so much about the way it is I might as well just move out and let the experts come in and do the ‘make over’. After she left I stood in the kitchen and cried.

It was like letting one of my ex husband’s friends in to the house – he’s an architect and the sort of people he prefers the company of are likely to critique everything they see. In an objective, arty and intellectual way, of course. Nothing personal. (believe me I just didn’t need to be reminded of my ex husband, his friends or the house I left behind to gain this supposed freedom)

I know its silly to get upset, that it’s just a service offered by the real estate agent in the interests of getting a better price on the house, and it really isn’t personal. Its only personal to me.

A house is an extension of soul, in a way – which is how feng shui can have such an effect – it has an energy which is intimately connected with the energy of its inhabitants. We get a ‘feel’ for homes and they have ‘vibes’. This house has been loved and cared for like everything else in my life – and its beautiful – so to have a stranger come in and tell me how much more work there is to do on it is a blow.

A lesson learned, I guess. Not to be too attached, not to get invested in an egoic idea of home and soul and the care of it.

The same goes for the rest of what’s been going on around here. While on one level I’ve found I can rely on inner resources, there’s a current of anger and fear and loneliness which has some power over me still. My chest hurts like a handful of me has been pulled out so I know I’m grieving.

I tend to try and distract myself and to deny what I’m feeling. I tell myself that my inner peace can’t be destroyed by outer events, by other’s words, or lack thereof or by anything short of an act of god. I want that to be true. On the other hand, I’m so darn tired of having to be brave and strong and manage all of it on my own, I can understand why people turn to religion. There are days when I just want to hand my whole life over to a higher power and relinquish all responsibility for it.

But there’s still hope in the here and now, and I’m going to continue to work together with that higher power, taking responsibility for my Self, myself. I’ll work with my heart to heal what’s hurting, and with my soul to have a home, where ever that may be next. I still have choices.

Choices are worth a lot.

One thought on “a new moon and a conjunction of the sun, venus and mercury in gemini

  1. Danae,
    Have you considered that the real estate woman is coming from a place where ‘value’ is orientated as money. Completely different value you set from how I imagine you operate.I don’t get the impression that your home, what you’ve created with your girls is something you can quantify with a dollar value. Until the present situation I can’t imagine you allowing access to someone to evaluate your home. I think most people would find that pretty confronting.
    I do think that places have soul. However the feel for your house is the collective energy of your girls and you. This is transferable.
    So often when someone buys a home they redo all sorts of things to incorporate aspects that feeds their soul. A friend who has a very successful real estate business swears most people make heart decisions when purchasing a home.

    Again you’ve had a lot of change in a short period of time. No wonder you’re tired. It’s all that accelerated life lesson stuff, wears anyone out.

    I think you’re totally onto it with realising that you have choice.Lot’s of choice every moment, of how to hear, see, adjust reject, accept, delay…the whole she-bang.

    I’m not sure if you’re wired this way, but at a time where I had a lot of choices to make I sort of got paralysed by analysing. I lost trust in myself to do well regardless of what my choice was. This happened after a number of years of having to make choices for my girls and I, and I got weary.Very weary. In the end somedays not making a choice, was my choice.It’s taken a while, and I’m not exactly flying free yet, but am at least flapping my wings…I have regained my trust that it will be ok. So now I move forward more confidently again.

    I wish you all the best.Drink lots of water…Truly does help.


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