celebrating 5000 readers

For the duration of the triple conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Mercury (that is, this weekend) I’m offering a dream analysis to any of my readers who has had a dream in the past week that needs a bit of clarifying.

All readings are private, free of charge, and remain the property of the dreamer.

Simply email me with a short, one paragraph summary of your dream, including the overall feel (that is, how the dream made you feel) of the scene, and I’ll email you back my thoughts.

… and Thanks, to all of you who have continued to read each week, who’ve passed on the link to my blog, who’ve sent other reader’s my way, who’ve contributed on the comments stream and to those of you who read and move on. I appreciate you all.

love, Dan

2 thoughts on “celebrating 5000 readers

  1. Congratulations Dan! You deserve 5000 readers … and to think of those 5000 times you’ve touched and moved someone through your words, your insights, your artwork … shared your wisdom, your world and your thoughts.

    That’s powerful stuff!

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