bibliomancy for a long void of course moon (a post that went missing early in the week!)

‘naked babbler’ d sinclair ’08

“When you dream about something, it is always a match to the thoughts that you have been thinking. And so, since each of your dreams is, in fact, your creation, it is not possible for you to dream about anything that you have not created through your thoughts. The fact that it has now manifested in your dream state means that you have given it a significant amount of thought.”

(Abraham Hicks, Ask And It Is Given)

Have you ever had a night where your dreams keep waking you up so you can check that you are in fact still here – where your dreams seem to be yelling at you for some reason?

I had one of those last night. I woke up twice, wondering why I was clutching a rose quartz crystal heart to my chest, and with a strong sense that I’m somehow sending the wrong message to the world. I don’t know how the crystal got into my hand, but I do know that lately all the wrong words seem to come from my mouth as well as flying too fast from my mind onto the page.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to communicate one thing, but actually saying something else entirely…

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