bibliomancy for mars in virgo

‘jester’ d sinclair ’08

“”Beauty and the Beast” suggests that we can transform not only ourselves but others by loving them just as they are – “naming” them as lovable, even with all their imperfections. “The Frog Prince,” though is a different story. The frog takes advantage of the the princess; she is emotionally younger and not so wise as Beauty, not so able to love the frog as a frog.”

– Carol S Pearson, PHD; The Hero Within, Six Archetypes We Live By, p201

Mars, planet and archetype of masculinity in its prime, of yang, initiating, outward-moving energy; our inner warrior, charioteer and all-round action figure – is changing sign again. Out of Leo, where the sun shines so bright its a wonder our guy doesn’t fry inside that armour and into cooler, cleaner, analytical Virgo. Yes, what a relief.

A pause to re-group and have a good think about where things are at.

For we women folks, the men around us may begin to be a lot less hot-headed and perhaps cool off in other regions as well. I’ve heard a lot of stories lately about how the fellas are acting out like big Drama Kings, and in some good ways too. Leo rules romance, after all, and who doesn’t like splashy, dramatic displays of emotion and affection?

Well, we’ll see. I for one didn’t experience much of the above anyway – Mars, for me, is creative energy which is best put to use on my various projects, one of which is this blog. Tapping into my inner warrior means going after what I want, not necessarily with a sword in my hand but with intent to succeed. Lately I’ve been so fired up about certain things that – no surprise – fire alarms keep going off in my presence. (this morning I burnt my favourite pan – a gorgeous red soup pot that I left on the stove top over long and is now ruined). Ideally, I’d like to tone it down by degrees and settle into ‘active receptivity’ mode. Let things fall into place of their own accord. Work more efficiently, with less energy expended.

As for the blokes – or should that be Beasts? – there may well be shift to cerebral emphasis in relations with them. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury represents the mind. Then again, if it involves Mercury we’re talking about that Trickster God so it may be wise to keep a sharp eye out for, well, tricks. It might also be helpful to be in tune with the healthier aspects of Virgo – good, positive self-care – the grounding kind. Hold fast to integrity, and be less easily influenced by flash, flowers and sleight of hand.

And don’t, what ever you do, kiss the frog.

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