bibliomancy for mercury conjunct sun in leo

‘say it again, angel’ d sinclair ’07

“A soulful life is one of thoughtfulness, care, and engagement – you are present in everything you do, not just going through the motions. You give attention to the things that matter most. You take care of your body and your health. You make your home a place of comfort, welcome, and beauty. You educate yourself throughout your life in values and solid ideas. Your leisure time relaxes you, gives you a rich social life, and provides fun and play. Your spirituality is deep as well as visionary, and you incorporate contemplation, discussion, ritual, and prayer into everyday life, and you do all this in a style that suits you as an individual.”

(Thomas Moore, A Life at Work, p103)

2 thoughts on “bibliomancy for mercury conjunct sun in leo

  1. What a wonderful reminder of what a soulful life is. It ties in with what I have been reading in Simple Abundance.It’ obviously conscious rising me again – that this is what I want in life and to find ways in which to create it in every aspect of life.

    Feeling very enlivened after the Eclipse, even though it hit nothing directly (nothing in Leo) but feel the Leo strength, ego and committment to creativity especially important as Paul and I find that our business dreams aren’t materialising as easily as we’d hoped.

    Hope you are all well – it seems like a million years since I was here!

  2. good to hear from you Jodi – it has been a while…

    lucky you to be so enlivened by the eclipse!

    here’s to your joint business venture really taking off now 🙂 d x

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