dark moon..or ..Saturn in Virgo?

‘other half of eden’ ds’o8

“The humanly impossible, rapid change out of dark motherhood into bright virginity is discernible against the cosmic background. The inner tension and opposition between motherhood and a maidenhood that is dedicated to the father and signifies a prohibition against all other men is a human reality. If we have understood the peculiar birth of Pallas Athene through the epiphany of the new moon, we must not forget the bondedness of a real father’s daughter to her progenitor, to the dominant spirit of the father.”

(Karl Kerenyi, Athene)

One thought on “dark moon..or ..Saturn in Virgo?

  1. Wow, you know when I first saw that image I immediately thought it was half of Sepiroth.

    Become a gardener, lop a tree limb and embrace the limitless light, or at least its alegorical half-crippled twin.

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