mercury stands still

daemone est deus inversus ds ’09

“But in the unconscious is everything that has been rejected by consciousness, and the more Christian one’s consciousness is, the more heathenishly does the unconscious conduct itself, if in the rejected heathenism there are any values that are important for life – if, that is to say, the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater, as so often happens. The unconscious does not isolate or differentiate its objects as consciousness does.”

(Carl Jung, Answer to Job, p 100)

2 thoughts on “mercury stands still

  1. I love this, dan!

    I remember Jung wrote about the delusion of purity and superiority among Adolph and his followers that lead to the growth of Nazism. He talked about it stemming from the puritanical Protestant unwillingness to recognize the shadow. And the result was world war and the holocaust. The worst conceivable evil projected onto the world.

    Proud to be heathen!

  2. Your drawing reminds me of a bit I read about Odin the other day – about him hanging himself upside down for nine days and nights (reminiscent of the hanged man in the tarot!) in his quest/thirst for knowledge.

    I’ll be glad when Mercury is moving forwards at normal pace – I’ve felt the stalling in all my projects and I’m ready to move on.

    As an aside – all the tarot cards this week have been knights reversed! So this image really speaks volumes to me.

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