bibliomancy for a leo lunar eclipse

d sinclair all rights reserved '09
'brightest owl' d sinclair all rights reserved '09
“…psyche is not only the motion of the body but also its form, so we have been forced to see the dream as running narrative (and not as image), the soul in process of growth (rather than as essence in revelation).  We have lost actual form to transformation and neglected the physiognomy of what is there, the cosmos as cosmetic face.

Aesthetic reactions are responses to this face, and moral responsibility begins in these responses of disgust, delight, abhorrence, attraction – the spontaneous judgement of the heart.  “Heart, instinct, principle, ” sadi Pascal.  Trust aisthesis, the sense of the heart; otherwise we go over to another order….”

(James Hillman, the thought of the heart)

6 thoughts on “bibliomancy for a leo lunar eclipse

  1. TA dearest, that owl is awesome…are you doing a print run? Is the original available for sale to a loving home?

    Also as an aside are things not getting heated re:reproductive rights over at Mystics?

    Thanks also for saying I’m wise Lioness.

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