then the moon wanes sweetly away in the sign of lovers….

I love the moon in Libra – and not just because I’ve my natal moon there, conjunct the beautiful binary fixed stars Spica and Arcturus (the goddess and her consort).   The moon in Libra seems to make things sparkle more brightly than on other days – as though Venus, ruling planet of Libra and Taurus, has imbued everything with more of her transforming presence.

Today of all days  it seems truly apt that the moon should shine down on us from the sign of Venus while the Goddess herself makes a lovely aspect to lover-boy Mars.  It all feels positively lovely!

Happy Valentines,  dear readers.

ps.  if anyone should like to read about natal moon in Libra – here is an article by the wonderful Sanja Peric

One thought on “then the moon wanes sweetly away in the sign of lovers….

  1. Oh, Dan… thank you very much… :hug:
    I am listening Sting right now, and here I’m finding some ‘Libra-spirit’… for your Moon, and my Asc (3°Li)… wish you nice day! 🙂

    There’s no religion but sex and music
    There’s no religion but sound and dancing
    There’s no religion but line and color
    There’s no religion but sacred trance

    Send your love into the future
    Send your precious love into some distant time
    And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
    Send your love
    Send your love

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