bibliomancy for a still-crowded sky

blind contour of the winged messenger
blind contour of the winged messenger


He talked about yo’ people till my hair turned grey.
He say yo’ daddy’s a freak and yo’ mama’s a whore,
He say he saw yo’ brother going through the jungle selling
arseholes from door to door….

Et cetera…A game of the dozens is built on insults to family, and to mothers especially.  The Signifying Monkey story must come, then, from a world in which these things are taken seriously, where a child is admonished to ‘defend your family, ‘ to ‘respect your Mamma’…”

(Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes this world, p272)

There’s no such thing as coincidence – there’s no denying it.  Every inner event – every emotional state, every repetitive thought, every ingrained belief – manifests in the outer world.  The outer world, from the furthest part of our known skies to the smallest corner of our daily experience, has a corresponding inner state.    This was the lesson of the ancients, the mystics and the alchemists, echoed by poets and artists and now revived by metaphysics and quantum science.

So the cosmos reels and humans look on in wonder, still for some reason holding ourselves apart from it – hardly noticing that the planets are in us and we in them.   And then, when ‘something happens’ there’s an uttering of surprise or an outcry of dismay – a reaction that denies any part in what is going on within, without, in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Ho’oponopono, the mysticism of the Hawaiian traditional people,  teaches that ‘there is no out there’ and that I am responsible for all that comes into my experience.   All of it*.  Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono is a method taught by Dr Hew Len and others which recognises that all of  ‘the world’s problems’ are errors in our subconscious (unconscious) minds – basically that our minds are like computers that have been upgraded, with new hardware and software, but still have outdated programes full of errors running in the background (and these in turn are running our lives).   By bringing these to light and ‘erasing’ them, we can move forward – with a new operating system –  and create in alignment with our truest selves.   All that comes into our experience then is altered – as though the vast dark spaces in us are less full of unknown, unknowable forces ever circling and holding us in patterns that make no sense.

Nothing could be a better reminder of my own need to clean, erase and heal some of my inner space than living life with a sky concentrated in the constellation Aquarius – said by astrologers to be the most human of all the signs – in the broadest sense – the home of original thinking (!) and detachment.    Into awareness come opportunities to affirm a place in the larger community – and the reasons for not doing a better job of it earlier.

Mercury in Aquarius, fully fledged with wind under his wings, sends linguistic riddles to untangle, daring us to play and not take things personally.   Know who you are, be unmoved and unswayed by the words or intentions of others, is what The Messenger seems to say – and recognise the connection between you and all else.   Jupiter nearby appears to be laughing at it all – blowing things out of proportion one moment and asking us to see the humour in it the next so that a woman who has given birth to a litter of young may seem  outrageously baffling and bewildering (and thanks to Mars in the mix in many cases inciting anger and hostility), and the next causing us to take stock of our own faith and philosophy about such things as reproductive technology and the economics and logistics of families.  Then we may as well, given the impossibility of such things, imagine ourselves in the shoes of others and fall off our comfortable chairs holding our sides.

Chiron, Neptune and the North Node of the Moon – that sensitive place on the plane of the ecliptic, the position of which determines the eclipses, Solar and Lunar – they’re all there in Aquarius too.  They move slowly and in different directions so their blessings are wider, deeper and fuller than can be told here today.   Faster moving planets touch upon them and then we have another opportunity to see where we can turn a challenge into beauty and strength – where and when and to whom we can say ‘I love you’, ‘please forgive me’, ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘thank you’ .

Well, this is the way it is for me.

*I’m responsible, but its not my fault!

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