bibliomancy for venus-pluto and another new era

wolves of the unconscious
wolves of the unconscious (all rights reserved d sinclair '09)

For us Westerners, who imbibe the liquor of romance with our mothers’ milk, Iseult of the White Hands seems a minor player.  We are mesmerized by the other drama; the secret meetings and partings, the intrigues, the unearthly intensity that rages between Tristan and Iseult the Fair.  But if we step back from that and turn our gaze on Iseult of the White Hands, it may be as Kaherdin said:  “Then perhaps you will hold in greater fondness my sister, Iseult the gentle-hearted, the simple.”

This Iseult personifies a different side of the inner feminine, a side we have not met before.  Her ‘white hands’ connote many things in symbol.  They are fair and delicate, yet skilled in the practical work of life.  This Iseult delights in the ordinary, human, earthly life….

(Robert A Johnson, The Psychology of Romantic Love)

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