the post that disappeared: zap!

Earlier I spent a couple of hours pouring out a story here but before I could post it it disappeared off my screen.  I was only writing it to make the point that I feel like a big THE END has been written across the screen of my life and the credits have rolled.

Time to leave my seat and live my own story – one I make up as I go and which doesn’t contain any tragedy or arty/postmodern intertextual references.

I know I cast and re-cast you all as characters in my own personal comedy, but even that has become a shallow and meaningless projection.

So Long to Thing One and his dastardly scheming and lying.  Ditto to Mrs Potato Head, his partner in crime.  Bye bye Daddy – thanks for nothing.  Bogey Mum, do I know you? Catch you never Stupid Man and your friends The Pole Dancing Stalker and The Crazy Gemini (also known as just the plain old Stalker).    I needed you and I never needed you –  I was always worth a million of you.  See that dust?  Eat it.  See that dot on the horizon – that’s me.  There’s my happy ending.

Now drama belongs on the page, the screen and the stage and not in my life.

Curtains up, the lights are on.

Lets go.

2 thoughts on “the post that disappeared: zap!

  1. Wow, I love this. I don’t exactly understand all of what you are referring to personally, but I get the energy. Look forward to reading.

  2. I’ve got a vague idea what you’re talking about. I ‘ve enjoyed reading tis and look forward to more. Thank you. 🙂

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