Jupiter – Uranus (out of the mouth of babes)

The other morning I was in the bath with The Dung Bug (now 3) who was tracing the blue lines under the skin of my arm and told me “I can see your brains, Mama”.  I tried to correct her – “Veins, honey” but she just laughed and insisted that what she could see was indeed my brain.

It reminded me of the some wise teachings (probably kinesiology or recent writings on psychotherapy) about where the mind or intelligence really lies.  Our minds are not just in our brains – or our heads – intelligence speaks from and throughout the body.  What’s more, our bodies never lie to us.

So today, as my hands ache from typing, I’m reminded of this again.  What is my body telling me now?

Use it or lose it?

Something to ponder.

One thought on “Jupiter – Uranus (out of the mouth of babes)

  1. Just a personal note of hello & hope all is well in your camp.
    Baby bug is 3 now….time flies. Three year olds smell so sweet.
    Hope your’e enjoying going to work.
    Lost your site now in bookmarks bar.

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