Mercury, Jupiter and Thinking Big

I have a lot on my mind lately as my current employment winds down and I face having to make decisions, my former husband (yes, Mr Potato Head) continues his assault on me through the Family Court and I find myself the object of unwanted affections.

Having spent most of the last year attempting to free myself from the Victim/Victor syzygy and be the Mistress of My Own Destiny, neither heroic nor downtrodden (yes, you can see I’m ever the drama queen) I’m now faced with the question:  if I could have anything that I ask for – anything at all – what would that be?

So I’ve asked myself when a certain Amorous Fellow pursued me:  “if I could have any guy – would I choose HIM?”

The answer was no.  I’d really rather carry on being  just as OK as I am now than settle for what I don’t want.

The same thing with my career.  I’m now asking myself “if I could do/achieve/create anything – what would that be?”.

And ” if I could give my kids the best life they could possibly have – what would that look like?”

I want to think bigger and not be limited by circumstance, the amount (or lack) of funds in my bank account, the geographical limits of this city, the ideas and criticisms of people who neither love me or know me.  Energy follows thought.

How about you guys?

5 thoughts on “Mercury, Jupiter and Thinking Big

  1. Hey Alchy,

    yes,yes…. you hate that

    Love and luck your way,

    Havent seen your contibutions at MM,s for yonks,

    Seems you have not had the peace you have sought, or at least not all of it, and none by design,

    Vale. Its coming, not by me nor anything by my doing, just by your own persistence

    This is not meant to be creepy

    P.S. Nuke the little ***kers

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for May 1 and May Day…….according to Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, your chronological age is the answer to the Universe!!
    Totally enjoy yourself, Beautiful, and have a great day, even if we
    are in ‘Delaide and it’s raining, i’m sure offspring will be worshipping
    and adoring you.
    Had to google you to find mama magic and so many listings, you must
    be famous :-).
    When your’e richer and famouser, why don’t we go to DJ’s Parfum counter and sample-spray ourselves into scent heaven, then choose
    the special one for YOU. You may have to cachet it from the daughters
    though, if that is at all possible.
    It’s Angel of the fall’s Serbian date tonight isn’t it, that should be a fun
    reportage. She is surely a scribe, very deep. It seems the most beautiful and intelligent women are solo strangely, too smart for most men perhaps, or too much for them. Truly though, they are only good for money and physical interest, and a barbecue and fixing things that hurt our delicate sensitive hands, could never live with one, much too stifling with sleeping interuptus included.

    Living apart together is the way. Still miss Butch, it’s nearly a year since contact and as deleted his mobile if i want to reach out it means
    a letter to say so. If he is still solo, he WILL respond BUT do i want the
    absolute frustration that goes with his one night stands usually without
    the night part, ie ‘not past midnight’, he can’t sleep the night with someone either. Two Saggo’s is weird. Too alike!

    Anyways if there is a chance of a Lover for your Life, i wish it for you, but also here to say it really doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things, we are all zillions of molecules spinning around, some are just put together in a fascinating way.
    Since i have known that we are only on Earth for 2 seconds,
    condensed timewise, it have given me a different perspective.
    Come for a massage sometime, a gift from the Universe, we’ll say.
    My email is my name at bigpond. Since i once printed it in MM’s domain, had unsolicited email and don’t know how to do the ‘linked in’
    and twitter bizzo. Can write faster in longhand than type too.

    When i was your age, i left for the Tahitian Sojourn that completely altered my mindset, surprised after all your travelling that you have stayed in one city, so expect a surprise this year, a fabulous one to
    suit your demeanour.
    With appreciation of your friendship,

  3. Danae! Just saw your photo on Twitter and you look soooo
    familiar. Maybe you put your pix on MM once? And if you didn’t
    then this is another ‘I KNOW YOU’. If you have then i have photographic
    memory for faces.
    This has happened only twice in the past. The first time in London
    in ’73 with the singer Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention and the
    other 2001, with bestie CowGirl who married my male mate
    Sandy Denny was married to an Australian Trevor Lucas and the promoter i was working with brought FC to Oz for a tour.
    Check out her voice sometime from FC albums or her solo The Last Waltz. As good as Joni Mitchell, if not better.
    With those two women it was a instant flash that we had known each
    other forever, Sandy & CowGirl. Flash…a Taurean!! Of course, now i get it.
    South node in Taurus is me. Past connections isn’t it. Wow.
    As far as friendship goes i am too precious for my own good.My bar set to the sky. Will accept nothing but the best, so they are few and geographically far between but that is because i used to pick up strays
    and attempt to guide nurture them until it was just detrimental to me.

    So i raise my glass to you :-)And again tell you ‘Glad we are on the Planet at the same time’.

  4. Thank you Di – your messages always make me smile… perhaps we have met – Adelaide is a small place, yes?

    I’m enjoying my birthday so far… my little ones are all being as sweet as can be and I can’t ask for much more than that.

    It means a lot to me that you’ve stayed in touch xx

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