a different kind of occupation…

Body (Eros) D Sinclair (all rights reserved)

There is nothing so deformed in the whole living world that it has no soul, no gift of soul contained within it.

Marcilio Ficino, Liber de Vita

My creative soul has taken a leave of absence in protest to the long hours I spend every day in a job I find hard to love.  I go looking for my creativity when I can –  I take long walks in my favourite National Park; I empty my mind with mantras and meditation; and I take care to notice life around me – dreams and animal-totems and cledons.  I do all the things I used to do to find solace, space and inspiration, but I am not creative any more.  No more drawing, no more poetry, no more long essays.  Instead I write corporate documents; standard operating procedures, policies.  I compose emails in my most responsible voice.  It is all work – the things I do to make money, the things I do to de-stress, the things I do for my family.

This month I’m making some changes, starting with the day job – which I’ve cut back to part time from next week.

So this is a drab little blog post from one burnt-out Mama in need of a good long rest & some tender loving care.  I’ll be occupied, and less pre-occupied, for a while – reclaiming my life, my time, my space, my body & my writing.

And then I plan to have fun…

5 thoughts on “a different kind of occupation…

  1. I meant to say (before my iPhone so rudely interrupted me!) that once you have space in your day, where you aren’t so worried about being in a job that is creatively draining, your creative mojo will return. In the meantime enjoy the little win of putting a few more words out into the universe for us to savour xo

  2. I like to believe that our creativity never leaves us. It’s always there, just waiting for a time when we can give it some time and attention. When we do, it leaps with joy… It dances… and sings.

    I find that the more I pay attention to my creative urges, the happier I am. So, I strive to do more of what makes me happy. 🙂

    It looks like you’re already paving the way to do more of what makes YOU happy too. That wonderful sketch/drawing you posted there tells me that it won’t be long before your creativity starts flying free again.

    I wish you all the best!

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