Trickster (all rights reserved)

“…much of the play of tricksters amounts to a reshaping (disjointing, rejointing) of the world around them… trickster shifts patterns in relation to one another, and by that redefines the patterns themselves…”  (Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World)

Mercury, Trickster, Raven.. messenger of the Gods, God Himself of Chance – a divine child; curious and creative.  Connections are in Mercury’s carpet-bag, as are choices; forks in the road have been marked by herms (from Hermes) for eons.  Doors, windows, ways through – ports, pores and opportunities – these all belong to the trickster archetype.

Magic and synchronicity – serendipity and coincidence are all Mercury’s.  Foolish new beginnings and leaps of faith too.

Every one of these things brings with it the gift of re-creation; at each cross-roads lies the possibility of making something different of one’s self – one’s life.

But some kind of movement must be made to get there – something solid may need to be broken ; a porthole or portal may need to be made so that an escape can be had.  Opportunity does not come knocking – one must elbow one’s way to the front of the queue with one’s wits focused on the signs that something is about to happen…and then one must grab on to that ‘something’ and run with it like a thief.

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