Matter, mater, mother… how to change to world


The dynamics of alchemy consist of matrices of interacting subjectivities – alchemist and material, one material with another… The work is both a working upon and a being worked upon. The alchemist is cooked while cooking… Since alchemy sees the world as ensouled, it is already in flux, in process.  Matter is always already changing under the sway of Nature’s purpose.  The alchemist’s work is to help Nature change the world. 

Ronald Schenk, The Alchemical Attitude of the Analytic Mind: An Introductory Primer on Prima Materia for Initial Beginners at the Start (Spring 74)

We start out the way we are, then, in the act of making, we are made.  This is how it happened for me.  I found myself flawed, wanting, sad, strange and alone.  I set out to make myself and my children a new life and in doing so I changed my world and theirs.  In making my life I made myself, and became someone else.  Once set in motion I had no choice but to leave no stone unturned and no rock left unhurled over the precipice in my work.  The work took over and I became its instrument, so that before I knew it, I was changing others and changing the world around me (and in me).

At what point are we done cooking, changing, making and being made?

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