Where have I been hiding?

“...you find your genius by looking in the mirror of your life. Your visible image shows your inner truth, so when you're estimating others, what you see is what you get. It therefore becomes critically important to see generously, or you will get only what you see; to see sharply, so that you discern the … Continue reading Where have I been hiding?

Matter, mater, mother… how to change to world

The dynamics of alchemy consist of matrices of interacting subjectivities - alchemist and material, one material with another... The work is both a working upon and a being worked upon. The alchemist is cooked while cooking... Since alchemy sees the world as ensouled, it is already in flux, in process.  Matter is always already changing … Continue reading Matter, mater, mother… how to change to world

A lover…and letting go of fear.

"What does she want, volcanic Venus, as she goes fuming round? What does she want? She says she wants a lover, but you don't believe her. She's seething like a volcano, and volcanoes don't want lovers." DH Laurence


"Each thing must be cooked within its own blood, says alchemy. So, the red heart whitens within its own failures." (James Hillman, Thought of the Heart and Soul of the World) Growing older is like losing a job you needed but didn't want.  Part of you is relieved (thank God I don't have to do … Continue reading Aging

Acceptance, forgiveness and miracles

"Where would you have me go?  What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?"  (A Course in Miracles) The Course in Miracles is hard work.  I struggle to understand it and to stick with it.  It really is miraculous though. Take the concept of forgiveness, for example. I'd … Continue reading Acceptance, forgiveness and miracles

What is a miracle?

"I had not become perfect, enlightened or special.  I had become more human."  (Hansard, The Tibetan Art of Living) The Course in Miracles lesson 1 says: Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything. The Course is so cryptic, so poorly written (to my mind), that … Continue reading What is a miracle?

Saturnine staying power..

"The plumb-line drops ever deeper, straight to the grave, and below, to time past and the underworld spirits. The inward and downward pull into oneself and one's death implies that the senex is the chief force at work in some descriptions of individuation" (James Hillman; Father, Saturn and Senex) Sometimes it seems that the spirit … Continue reading Saturnine staying power..